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As a native of San Francisco, MrR; keyboardist and composer Russell Smith, had the opportunity of growing up in a city of storied musical cultural where music is a way of life.

The foundation for Russ' musical career began by studying under classical pianist and music lecturer Loraine Meredith, followed by some time studying with jazz keyboardist Tom Coster, and learning music theory, composition and "everything jazz" from trumpeter and Stanford Lecturer Fred Berry.

The journey traversed many musical styles with many Bay Area bands, from hard rock to Rock/Latin/Jazz fusion to laying down the funk in dance clubs around the country.  "…it’s been an adventure." - MrR

More at home in his studio in the Sonoran Desert  where an unlimited palette to create what only the imagination can limit, MrR has put his experiences and creativity to work writing, recording and producing. With two  CD releases; "Sonoran Sunset" and "Always Blue" and a third on its way “MrR 2018”, MrR says, "…this is just the beginning, there is plenty more to come and I hope you join me along the way."